Next Litter Planned February 2020

Dam: Chamrott Ishka

Hips 3:2  Elbows 1:1 JLPP Free Scissor Bite correct Dentition eyes normal

Sire: Champ. Darkgypsy DA Mighty Angus (AI)

Dam: Abakahn Apolx Cella




Chamrott L Litter Pedigree

Chamortt L Litter

Sire: Champy Von Evman

Multiple V1 in Confrom (Germany ADRK)
IPO I, ZTP (Germany ADRK), BH, AD
OFA Good Hips, Elbows, Eyes, Heart, Patella Certified
CHIC #116293

champy pedigree
Champy and Ishka
champy standing 2
I litter one week old

How to Reserve a Puppy

We have only a few litters a year so an early reservation is needed to select the perfect puppy for your home.

When the pups reach 7 weeks of age the temperament testing is done that assists us in matching the best pup for you family and life style.

We evaluate our pups for temperament and adherence to the breed standard.  With our experience and close observations of the pups, we will access which pup best suites your family.

Your new puppy will be ready to go home at the age of 8 weeks or later.

How to Reserve a Puppy

  1. Return the completely filled out Puppy Questionnaire  Click Here
  2. We will then make contact with you and organise a visit to meet our family and our dogs.

Your Responsibilities as a New Owner

The Dog Act outlines your responsibilities. You are obliged to register your dog with the Council. Fencing must be adequate to ensure that the dog does not leave your property unless under your control and on a lead. Your yard must be designed so that persons who have to call can reach your door in safety. These are your legal responsibilities. You must also attend to your dog’s health requirements and provide adequate shelter, a constant supply of fresh water and a suitable diet. This breed is large and active, requiring regular exercise of mind and body. Walks away from home and regular training sessions will be necessary. At least an hour a day is required to keep the dog healthy and content. The Rottweiler will not adequately exercise itself alone. It is a companion dog and requires your company to exercise. Daily exercise and training to stimulate the active brain of your Rottweiler are necessary. Puppies need to have freedom to play on non-slip surfaces and older dogs need a regular walk on lead under control. Swimming is enjoyed if gradually introduced. Rottweilers like to take time with new experiences and once happy about the situation will enjoy themselves. Rottweilers love companionship, they are very happy inside the home. If you are not willing to share your home with a Rottweiler consider another breed that does not rely so much on Human companionship. If you are too busy to give companionship, don’t buy a dog.

Our K Litter & Healthy Happy Puppies all gone to their new homes


Abakahn Freida

Sire: Champ. Apollo V Meijl Op Zeven (IMP NDL)

Dam: Abakahn Freykov Lola

HD: 2:2

ED: 1:0


Scissor Bite correct Dentitioin

Eyes Normal



Aust Champ. Inselstaat (AI)

Sire: Champ. Yumbo Von Der Alten Festung (IMP USA)

Dam: Zlant Emma (AI)

HD: 3:3

ED: 1:1


Scissor Bite correct Dentition

Eyes Normal

Freida photos
Morro 3 pics

Our J Litter Born 12th November 2018

11 Healthy Pups all gone to their forever homes

Ella and Morro pic
Morro at home

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